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PET Scan

I forgot to mention in my last post that I have an upcoming PETScan scheduled for this coming Monday. 7 am. This is my third post treatment and all have come back NED. However there is a small concern on my rad onc's behalf. Apparently I have an enlarged thymus gland. Not sure what that means really and what will be done if it continues to be enlarged. Anyone have something similar or know of anyone? I was told that cancer of the thymus gland is EXTREMELY rare. So much so that my onc only read of cases in textbook.....not worked with one personally. Sigh. Already dealt with an extremely rare cancer (anal). Does God think I can handle another rare cancer? Well hell, I should go buy some lotto tickets...keep this momentum going. Lol. Love you all. Take care and I will keep you all posted on the outcome.
Kai threw a punch at your cancer.
Mike sent you a hug.
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Hang in there. I haven't any knowledge of cancer of the thymus but I can say from experience get a few different opinions on treatment. Their are probably thymus cancer experts and you should seek them out. I've been to Johns Hopkins and Duke. Hopkins is best for my tonsil cancer, especially surgery. If you haven't already I suggest you try research hospitals, schools as one of them is likely to have a thymus specialty, and the research schools,hospitals have the newest treatments. Good luck and you'll be in my prayers.
Hi Stacey-- First, I want to wish you all the best with your upcoming PET scan. May it show good results and nothing going on with your thymus gland, which I'm not familiar with. Please let us know what you find out when you get your results. I'll be praying for a good scan for you! Hugs-- Martha
The thymus is the sweetbread in other species... Have not found ANY reference in my searches for thymus gland problems related to anal cancer. JEEZ, there is always something - but I am sure this is not cancer! Get that little devil off your shoulder, and I'm confident he will be gone after Monday (why is it that we refer to devils as "he?)...
I could give my two cents on why we use "he" when referring to the devil but info not want offend any men on the site. Lol. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. I will let everyone know of my PET results. I don't know which I hate the most....the waiting until I receive the results or the stupid diet/fast we must endure 24 hrs prior. Lol
Good luck with your upcoming PET Stacey. I'll bet the thymus is nothing - not that I'm any expert - it's just that the fear always seems to make us associate everything with cancer when we've had it. I was really sorry to read on your last post that you have been having such a hard time of it and hope you start to feel better very soon. Mayday x
LOL!!! Stacey, I am glad to see a post from you. Well, I had my third PET/CT in January. Something lit up on my thyroid gland. So, off to my PCP (I was told I could "wait months to see an Endocrinologist" or go to my PCP), got a complete thyroid work up and a thyroid ultrasound. I have a "pea-sized nodule" on my thyroid. Something that was never there before. . . Yeah . . . So, I go to an endocrinologist in May. I'd rather go sooner, but, whatever. Maybe I'll see if a different doctor can get me in sooner. Please keep us posted. You and I were only a couple weeks difference in treatment times if you recall. Good luck and keep the faith. And, if you DO win the lottery, CELEBRATE!! How is your family by-the-way? Carol
Am looking forward to hearing that all is good and nothing suspicious. Hugs, Rachel
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